We're back!

We're back! - Dust & Dance

I know it seems like we’ve been gone for a while and you would be right in thinking that!

We're sorry if you feel we've neglected this space but sometimes life gets in the way and things happen that is out of our control. But now we’re back! Super excited and have so much to tell you all 😊

Where to start!? Well, since the launch of our biodegradable range, a lot of exciting things have been going on and lots of planning has been put in place. But first, we have some new team members who we are very happy to have on board with us! Alice Saunders will be our new blogger, she’s currently training in Media Production and is hoping to become a writer in the future, so all the upcoming content will be taken on by Alice. We then have Zac Barker-Benfield who is a media and all things videography enthusiast! He runs his own Production Company and is also studying Media Production, he will be our very own Videographer and Photographer. Zac will be coming along to all the shoots and creating some amazing content for us to share with you guys and get an inside into what we're doing and new products we're launching!

Speaking of new products, I can’t say too much as that’s for another day but keep your eyes peeled as we have some awesome new stuff launching really soon, just in time for festival season for all you festival lovers. All to be revealed very soon!

What we can tell you is we have lots of things coming up in the next few months, we’re happy to announce that we will be collaborating with Boux Avenue. Boux Avenue is a very popular chain of lingerie founded in 2011. They have 30 stores across the UK and the sizes range from 28-40, A-G cup and nightwear from size 6-18. We're happy to be supporting such an amazing brand.

Not only this, we are hosting a master class in collaboration with Hepburn’s Salon in Cheltenham to talk all things festival makeup. Not only do Hepburn’s give luxurious treatments and outstanding customer service, but they also use Dust & Dance products regularly with clients. Watch out on all our social media for more information on how to be a part of that!

Finally, in the upcoming weeks we will be having a sample sale on our website! So watch this space for dates of when that’s going to happen and get yourself to the website and get those great deals ✨

It feels good to be back! On behalf of the team at Dust & Dance we are all very exciting for all the things to come so please stay tuned and keep coming along on this journey with us. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

See you soon!

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