HGT, and our brand new HOLLIE glitter

HGT, and our brand new HOLLIE glitter - Dust & Dance

On Sunday 28th April we were proud to attend the Walk 4 Hollie event in honour of Hollie Gazzard, who was horrifically murdered in Gloucester on 18th February 2014. When this terrible event took place her family wanted something positive to come out of the families tragic loss. During the same year her parents Nick and Mandy, and her sister Chloe set up the Hollie Gazzard Trust. The trust works to reduce domestic abuse, domestic violence, stalking and knife crime. The devastating loss of Hollie will forever be in their minds, they hope that the funds that they raise through the trust will help others going through similar situations find a better future. Each year they hold a number of official fundraising events.

They have now brought out an app called Hollie Guard which turns your smartphone into a safety device if you ever find yourself in danger. All you have to do is shake your phone or tap the screen and this produces an alert. Your location and audio/video evidence will automatically be sent to whom ever your emergency contact is. Find out more here.

Dust & Dance are very proud and honoured to be working closely with the HGT and will be appearing at their forth coming events which are:

• Quiz Night - Sunday 9th June
• Gloucester Day - Saturday 7th September

As I mentioned, we attended the Walk 4 Hollie on 28th April and what a fantastic day it was. Not only was the gorgeous sun shining but you were able to receive a glitter make over, not just any glitter make over though - you were able to wear our brand new ‘Hollie’ glitter, created in loving memory of Hollie herself.

This beautiful biodegradable glitter is on sale for £3.50 and is a mix of chunky violet, medium hot pink and fine flecks of silver. Perfect for summer and any festival guys and girls out there! What makes this even more special is with every Hollie glitter that is sold, Dust & Dance will donate 50 pence of every purchase made to the Hollie Gazzard Trust.

We are so thankful to be working so closely with such a wonderful Trust and are excited for the events to come. We appreciate every ounce of support from you guys by buying our ‘Hollie’ glitter and donating that money. Not only does it mean a lot to us, but to Hollie's family too. So thank you!

Don't forget to keep your eyes pealed for more exciting things to come on the website ✨

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