✨LAUNCH - Biodegradable Glitter✨

✨LAUNCH - Biodegradable Glitter✨ - Dust & Dance

What is Bio Glitter? 

✔️Made from plant cellulose (that's stuff found in trees to you and me! 🌳)   ✔️Biodegradable ✔️Eco-friendly ✔️Compostable  ✔️Marine and waste water biodegradable 🐬 ✔️Cosmetically safe ✔️Feels softer on the skin vs. plastic based glitters ✔️Environmentally sourced, renewable raw ingredients to FSC® Standards ✔️Cruelty free

You might be wondering why you should choose Dust & Dance Biodegradable Glitter? 

You've helped shape the sparkle - Thank you! 🙌
It's been a little while in the making with lots of work and development based on your requests and feedback (thank you for all of the emails and messages!) to create the perfect chunky mixes which I know you will love....

Dust & Dance Biodegradable Glitter mixes are the same shape and size composition as your favourite glitters from the original range (e.g. The Magician & Poseidon✨) that's a super sparkly combo of fine, chunky and super chunky hexagons. 

It's a tiny little swap for you which can make the world of difference 🌍

Plastic is taking over the planet! You might have seen some things in the media recently about plastic waste (Blue Planet anyone?! 🙌), and its impact on the environment. Unfortunately, most glitter is made from plastic which means it can end up in our oceans and harms our lovely sea life 🐢🐬🐠 By making little changes to the products we use we have a chance to make a healthier earth and prevent planet plastic 👊 and we can continue to sparkle into the future ✨🛸

This is just the start for your new eco-friendly Dust & Dance

These are just the first of a whole new collection of eco-friendly products I'll be rolling out this year, so please come on this journey with Dust & Dance and try swapping over to Biodegradable Glitter, you won't regret it!

I'd love to know what you think! 

As always, I'd love to hear what you think of the new glitters. You can let me (and the world) know by either sharing your thoughts (and photos!) on social media by tagging @dustanddance, leaving a review on the website (please go to the product page) or by emailing me directly at info@dustanddance.comPlease let me know what colours you want next! 😄


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