Is glitter bad for the environment? What can we do about it?

Ever seen a news article or post similar to these?

"Yes, Glitter Really is Bad for the Environment"

"Glitter is an environmental abomination. It's time to stop using it"

Yep... so have we! 😠

Isn’t it a shame - glitter is so uplifting, sparkly and exciting… yet it’s so bad for the environment. Since we’ve all started watching Blue Planet, I’m sure we’ve all thought of 1 thing we could change in our day to day life to help save our beautiful planet.

Well, what if there was another option, which let you sparkle sustainably? 👀

How many of you scramble around in your makeup drawers or head to the internet for glitter for your summer festivals?

How many of you love craft and grab the glitter at any chance?

Well, most of you, have been buying plastic glitter. What’s wrong with this? Plastic glitter is another type of plastic (a.k.a. microplastics) that ends up in our seas which harms aquatic life, and in turn, will harm us.

“Glitter is made from a plastic core and polyester PET film. PET, when it breaks down, releases chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals and can disrupt human and animal hormones.”

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? It's time to make a change!

Introducing.. 🌟 biodegradable glitter 🌟 - the eco-friendly solution to your glitter needs. With biodegradable glitter, you no longer have to sacrifice your love for sparkle for the sake of the planet.

At Dust & Dance, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable glitter which is why we do not sell the more evil, plastic version. What's more, all of our glitters have these eco-credentials;

Biodegradable ✔️
Eco-friendly ✔️
Compostable  ✔️
Marine and waste water biodegradable 🐬 ✔️
Environmentally sourced, renewable raw ingredients to FSC® Standards ✔️
Cruelty free ✔️
Vegan friendly ✔️

And yes, they are all safe for cosmetic and craft use! ✨

So next time you want to sparkle, make a sustainable choice and think of us! Choose Dust & Dance for our guilt-free range of biodegradable glitter. 💖

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