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The Sustainable Super Sparkle Set

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For the most serious sparkle junkies and glitter addicts only! ✨

The Sustainable Super Sparkle Set is the ULTIMATE set of 20 biodegradable glitters in big 10g pouches and five cosmetic glues. The mixes included are; Mayan Gold, Rose pink, Turquoise, Metal mix, Ocean blue, Hot pink, Sky Blue, Red, Spring Green, Champagne Gold, Sea mix, Violet, Pastel, Cool mix, Rich mix, Disco, Gold, Pandora, Silver, and Aztec Silver!

If you are a glitter, makeup and/or hair professionals who wants to do the right thing and swap to responsible glitter, this is the set for you! Your clients will be impressed and the planet will thank you too 😊 OR perhaps you're having a party or your own festival and want to cover everyone in sustainable sparkles!

Dust & Dance's biodegradable glitters are beautiful mixes of specially selected eco-friendly sparkles, made up of gorgeous colours and sizes to create the best chunky combination for you.

These chunky glitter mixes for the face and hair are made from a film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

Our glitter comes with all of these amazing eco-credentials: 

🌳 Made from plant cellulose (that's stuff found in trees to you and me!) ✔️Biodegradable ✔️Eco-friendly ✔️Compostable  ✔️Marine and waste water biodegradable 🐬 ✔️Environmentally sourced, renewable raw ingredients to FSC® Standards ✔️Cruelty free ✔️Vegan friendly

And these cosmetic credentials: 

✔️Suitable for use on the face, hair & body ✔️Cosmetically safe ✔️Feels softer on the skin vs. plastic based glitters  ✔️Satisfies the EU & American (as well as Japanese, Chinese, Australian and Korean!) cosmetic regulations

Glitter storage instructions: 

Store in a dry, dark, cool environment, out of direct sunlight, away for direct heat sources and not exposed to microorganisms.

Begin with a clean, oil-free face for the perfect canvas. Apply a skin-safe adhesive or balm to the area where you want the glitter. Then, gently press the glitter onto the adhesive. You can create patterns or apply it more freely, depending on your desired look. For removal, gently wash the area with soap and water.

Our cosmetic Bioglitter® is based on naturally derived raw materials that are ethically and sustainably sourced. They are cellulose based which is extracted from hardwoods, preferably eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.

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Great pack

Purchased this for my daughters party and there was plenty of glitter for all the kids, they loved the colours and getting all 'sparkled up'! Would definitely recommend

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