Wooohoo! Dust & Dance is biodegradable glitter only! 🎉

You won't find any plastic glitters sold by Dust & Dance - instead, you can feast your sparkly eyes on our range of biodegradable, eco-friendly chunky glitter mixes.

Dust and Dance Bio Biodegradable Eco Friendly Chunky Hair Face Body Festival Glitter Pastel Mix trio

Sooo... Why should you choose Dust & Dance biodegradable glitter? 

Each glitter is made from a specially selected combination of sparkles, hand mixed to create unique products of glitter perfection✨ The three sizes combined in each biodegradable glitter give a truly bold and thick coverage (or you can use them to add a subtle sprinkle of sparkle!) for striking results. Every glitter is a hand mixed combination of a minimum of three (for the block colours) up to an incredible 24 individual glitters combined in one mix (that's super popular Disco Mix! 🌈) 

Here is the rest of the gorgeous range (its like a super sparkly pick n mix!) 

Dust and Dance Bio Biodegradable Eco Friendly Chunky Hair Face Body Festival Glitter Pink Pandora Mix 2


Biodegradable glitter is a tiny little swap for you which can make the world of difference 🌍

Plastic is taking over the planet! You might have seen some things in the media recently about plastic waste (Blue Planet anyone?! 🙌), and its impact on the environment. Unfortunately, most glitter is made from plastic which means it can end up in our oceans and harm our lovely sea life 🐢🐬🐠 By making little changes to the products we use we have a chance to make a healthier earth and prevent planet plastic 👊 and we can continue to sparkle into the future ✨🛸

How long does it take for the glitter to biodegrade? 

Unlike plastic based glitters (which stay in our natural environments for years), Dust & Dance's biodegradable glitters break down (when exposed to microbes & wet conditions) in around 4 weeks.

They also have alllll of these amazing eco-credentials: 

✔️Made from plant cellulose (that's stuff found in trees to you and me! 🌳)   ✔️Biodegradable ✔️Eco-friendly ✔️Compostable  ✔️Marine and waste water biodegradable 🐬 ✔️Environmentally sourced, renewable raw ingredients to FSC® Standards ✔️Cruelty free ✔️Vegan 

And these cosmetic credentials: 

✔️Suitable for use on the face, hair & body ✔️Cosmetically safe ✔️Feels softer on the skin vs. plastic based glitters  ✔️Satisfies the EU & American (as well as Japanese, Chinese, Australian and Korean!) cosmetic regulations

Plus, its cheap as chips!

Dust & Dance is committed to remaining accessible to everyone, so our biodegradable glitter is, quite frankly, super cheap! You can chose from two sizes; 3 gram pots (£2.79) or mega value 10 gram pouches (for just £6.49), which are perfect for events, parties or covering yourself in Vaseline and rolling around on a bed of glitter.