Our Journey

✨ The Evolution of Dust & Dance

From its inception, Dust & Dance glittered with potential. Initially offering plastic glitter, our takeover marked a pivotal shift towards eco-consciousness. We phased out all plastic glitter, embracing a purely eco-friendly ethos. This transformation was not just a change in products, but a commitment to a greener future.

✨ Milestones and Achievements

Our journey has been sprinkled with notable milestones. We've been featured in prestigious publications like GLAMOUR and The Guardian, testament to our growing influence. As one of the first in the UK market, we introduced Biodegradable HOLOGRAPHIC and IRIDESCENT glitters, a major breakthrough in sustainable beauty. Our innovative spirit continued with the creation of unique designs, including Biodegradable Holographic stars and hearts, perfect for any celebration.

✨ Adapting and Thriving

COVID-19 posed a significant challenge, but we adapted with resilience. Our Brand Ambassador programme revitalised our presence, enlisting makeup artists and influencers to showcase our glitters, sustaining our momentum during those quiet times.

✨ Looking to the Future

As we look ahead, our aspirations are high. We're excited to explore new territories like UV biodegradable glitter and glitter gel. Our vision is clear: to continuously expand our range with innovative, eco-friendly products.

✨ Engaging with Our Community

Our connection with customers and community is at the heart of our brand. Through social media and newsletters, we stay engaged, sharing inspirations, and celebrating the joy of glitter.

✨ Customer Experiences

Our fabulous customers' experiences are the true testament to the quality of our products. From enduring a swim in the sea to dancing the night away, our glitter and adhesive have proven their mettle. These stories of concerts, festivals, and special moments, where our glitter added that extra magic, are what keep us motivated.